What is Appraisify?

Appraisify is a revolutionary online service allowing users with basic local knowledge and understanding of building constructions to evaluate a piece of land or residential properties. The users need only to rate some qualities of the properties and the proprietary algorithm of Appraisify is performing over 72 macroeconomic based and location specific calculations to give the most accurate real market value.

We believe that market price estimation of a property should be an easy process to everyone. Accuracy of an appraisal is based in hundreds of criteria and tons of financial data that an appraiser is hard to know or calculate. Appraisify changes the way world is working and asks only for information that need users’ experience and knowledge, the rest are left to the Appraisify algorithm.

The beta service initially covers Greek region. The next regions for Q4 2013 will be UK, Belgian and Romanian territories, whereas in 2014 will be Germany, Hong Kong (China).

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